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BresciaOggi 4 May 2016
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​Emotional pathways

I'm at the entrance, but something keeps me from crossing the threshold of the art gallery.

I know what it is.

I need a few minutes with myself to prepare myself for what I will see, because every time it is like the first one, knowing that inside I will find Flavio, that I know well.

Flavio with his enthusiasm.

Flavio with his creations.

Flavio, who I see concentrated in front of his computer, while on the screen are broken up and recomposed colored lines and geometric shapes in a tireless research work, an emotional and at the same time virtuous research.

When I look at it this way, I can almost hear the happy confusion that projects unleash in his mind to win the right to be taken into consideration.

His is an incursion into sign language filtered by a mature awareness and never entrusted to itself.

Yes, I know him and I know that with talent, passion and stubborn determination to proceed even against contrary winds, Flavio challenges the unknown to face and dominate even the irrational.

Here, I am ready, I have prepared the base, I have done the look of a child who wants to discover and learn the world and the conditions are favorable, I can enter.

Inside the gallery with its immaculate walls, black welcomes me.

I am surrounded by paintings from which emerges the skilful design research and the adoption of unexplored techniques, while a refined personality outlines the style of the works, in addition to the chromatic continuity that enhances the geometries.

When I write I do not invent anything, I only observe reality from different points of view and I try to put into words the emotions I feel, but how can I describe the brightness of a black painting?

I pause in front of every picture, I live the light that moves and warms the environment and I let myself be captured by the mysterious and ambiguous power of black, which at times becomes dazzling.

The intriguing play of light and shadow creates a rigorous balance.

As well as the harmonious naturalness of a discontinuous but balanced diversity, it makes interesting the play between the hard elegance of the material and the light freshness of the engravings.

In what I am seeing, the beauty lives, which is not only a pleasure for the eyes and a contact with the soft shapes, but is absolute freedom of interpretation.

It is a multifaceted beauty that takes on the power of charm, which triggers emotions and tensions and which requires abandonment.

Flavio knows how to put life inside the things he does and is himself so much as to surprise me every day.

This is the atmosphere in which the Forms of Order are born and grow. Lorraine                                                                                                  Lorena


flavio pellegrini
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