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​Thought never stops ... it continues frantic until a dream arrives.

Small numbers with spiral trajectories rise upwards in a regular way, almost apathetically driven by the gentle wind of the mind. They accumulate at the top and conquered the attic floor, they begin to spin. They give life to a fluid, controlled, almost study, carousel that soon gains confidence and changes in intensity. The vortices become confused and transform the dance into bounces, bumps and jolts. Everything becomes a heterogeneous mixture, trapped in irregular orbits, more and more impetuous. The vigor mounts, swells the brains and the propensity eventually becomes intense. An impetuous energy converges and explodes in a unique emotion, the wind subsides, the rotary motion fades and those tired and confused numbers find serenity and are free again. Their flight is bold, clean, they glide outlining orderly trajectories, sometimes unscrupulous or still impudent.

There are countless neurotransmitters' twirls on the trampolines of the mind before being released and becoming protagonists in the orderly synaptic transmission. It is a vision that stimulates their movements and restores their creative discipline, but only the perception of the last emotional caress is decisive for generating an unprecedented evolutionary system. When you see Flavio, in front of a screen, tilting his head to one side, you can imagine how much information is being stored compulsively, but there is no tension in the genesis, it is silent, composed and a joyful creative taste reigns. For him there are no traps, black manholes, even if the system sometimes appears complicated. Patience, calm, perseverance always lead him to wait for the favorable conditions to soar in free spaces. It is his talent to be able to interpret the axioms of unpredictable paths, reinvigorate parables deprived of an apparent meaning, untangle forms that are otherwise not interpretable.


Logical sequences grow and mature like spontaneous vegetation, timeless, without forcing, in a natural harmonic order. It is the same numbers, angular or sinuous, that travel the beaten paths and find unexplored ones. They seek the way to the summit in the intrinsic order of their own genesis. They continue their journey in an articulated contrast between the concreteness of knowledge and the doubt of uncertainties. Having found their destination, as always, they descend downstream and into the open, free, immeasurable space, tracing the base, a defined, circumscribed and perfect shape.

They are placed inside, in full freedom they cultivate the lines that grow in the construction eurythmy. The idea and its thematic contents take shape and even if they are still an ephemeral expression formed only by mental projects and computer sketches, the details are complete, perfectly outlined.


With expertise, an intense implementation phase is born. The sculptural technique with its technicalities concretizes the phases of creation by highlighting them in the forms. The tree of free forests, FSC sustainable, reveals the mystery of the construction material. The black medium, deprived of the veins, appears compact, alive and powerful with all the charm of its history. He seems to show a need for certainty before completely abandoning himself to the project. Enraptured by the artistic consistency, he lets himself be engraved, modeled with a strong, iron cutter and an electronic device that reads the creative logic of the matured numerical coordinates. Modeling lets the mind rest, but does not elude the hand which, prehensile, with usual gestures, repeated with confidence, refines the details that technology seems to have forgotten. The previously noisy environment is now pervaded only by the rustle of abrasives and brushes. The wood dust, in an ephemeral trail of tiny particles, and the hay hay smell of the oil, will soon disappear, absorbed by that space that all things contain. It remains a smooth and massaged surface, with the pores tickled to return a changeable reflection of light.


The work is finished, the reflections materialized. The mind now seeks, evaluates, wants to be certain of the contents. The matter, thoughts and gestures are there, collected, but not locked up. In the uncertainty of being perceived, in those few moments of viewing the next exhibition, they will be waiting. They will explode and will be ready to be grasped, studied, understood, criticized or appreciated every time an instinctive, attentive gaze catches their presence.





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