A sculptural groove patiently researched and regulated to find the balance of shapes and express themselves with the reflection of light.

studies and projects

I capture the emotion, the accumulation and the lair inside of me. I look for a numerical whole, sequencing it, harmonizing it and recreating the same emotion.   The severity disappears, the emotional intensity re-emerges. Overwhelming, an intense vigor materializes. The explosion of traits and light are combined and become an indivisible whole.

 Definition of line


A continuous geometrical figure in one direction, intuitively definable as formed by the successive positions of a moving point.

I like this definition, it is not mathematically rigorous, but contains the keyword movement. This will be the secret unveiled of my works. The germination of the points will make my line grow and the light will make it dynamic




Handwriting phase

Mathematics studies show me the main road, but I have to make them active to generate harmonic digital  graphics. Suitable, I create and write VB computer codes to generate writings. I experiment the mathematical algorithms intuitively modifying the constants. Numeric compositions, apparently disarticulated and insignificant, are transformed into mellow alignments of points. Attenuate random disorder with metric rigorousness. The obsession with rigor means that it is rewarding to start again and make the challenge of success grow in me.

Three-dimensional generating phase





The study of shapes determines a change in spellings I'm calling to support math again. I create and write computer codes to migrate spellings from the plane to the space. I try to apply to each spelling a vector condition that will not leave it static in its being. I change the possible mental combinations with the unique and unrepeatable chaos. Successes and failures follow each other until the idea is fulfilled and then, only then, fear and fatigue will be defeated and the mind liberated.




Empirical evaluation phase


I see the result of the graphic work on the screen. It is not enough. The light co-star of my result is not close to me yet and does not follow my choices. My interpretative imagination is sufficient, but never exhaustive.





Critique  phase

I look, I look for the shadow, I evaluate the details, I move, memorize, touch, comment, reflect. My critique of the work done establishes whether the emotional expectations and the coherent representation of the idea have been achieved. If so, the cataloging of the artwork and the cancellation of the file that generated it, if not its destruction.



Realization phase

Monochromatism is always present, leaving occasional space for some rational and non-instinctive variation. I work the artwork well aware that I will no longer have the possibility of correction. Manual steps and computerized mechanical phases alternate until the work is complete.